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Divorce is filled with ups and downs. My goal is to provide a safe, confidential environment for you to process your loss, hurt, disappointment, sadness, anger, guilt and relief. Let’s go through this journey together working on you recovering hope, joy and peace.

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“A broken relationship can make you feel more lonely than when you were single.” You might wonder if you should stay in the marriage or leave. Or maybe you question yourself and your decision-making. My goal is to provide a safe, confidential environment for you to process what you are thinking, feeling and believing as you consider what next steps to take.

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Family Dispute


Parenting is hard, co-parenting is harder. How do you parent with someone you aren’t married to anymore? How do you honor your children when you and your co-parent aren’t on the same page? Together we will discuss ideas, boundaries, and next steps in a safe, confidential environment.

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Anxiety is crippling and exhausting. Together we will address tools to manage your anxious thoughts, fears and worries.

Love Yourself


Low self-esteem hinders you from realizing your unique gifts and talents. Let’s identify some of the lies you believe about yourself and replace them with the truth of who God made you to be.

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